My Inspiration

— Karen

My family shares the belief that many people enjoy food but they just don't have a lot of time to make it for themselves.  So whenever I can, I jump at opportunities to share my creations with family and friends.

Fast forward to now.  Ask anyone who knows me - I love being in my kitchen, creating, cooking, baking, and feeding family and friends.  I'm told I do so well in the kitchen because somehow, time slows down for me in Lucketts and that's the only logical explanation to how I'm able to make all types of food in my spare time.

Sweet and Savory by Karen

Feeding people and seeing smiles on their faces after they taste my food brings me joy.  Great food and great company is a solid recipe for a special and memorable event.  So, I believe social events and food go hand-in-hand.  I believe eating together encourages conversation, community, and a sense of togetherness so I prefer to serve food either buffet or family style.

For many years, I've heard the same statement:  You should do this for a living.  So here I am.  I still have a full-time job outside the home, besides being a full-time mom and wife.  I strive to follow my passion for entertaining and making people happy with my food whenever possible.  One day, I will share food from my kitchen on a full-time basis.  Until then, I'm truly satisfied with where I'm at in life.

Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed being creative with food.  

​​It became more evident to me that I had a knack for making tasty treats and meals when spending summers with my grandmother, Irene (a.k.a. "Nam").  Nam always baked and shared food from her kitchen.  What I noticed most was how happy folks were when they received a special baked goody or other meal from Nam.  It always made me feel special when she told people I had helped her.  Thankfully, she began letting me bake and cook things by myself.  She would watch, suggest, and sometimes help.  I loved to watch her face light up as she tasted my creation and then praise me for how well it turned out.